Requesting a license

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Pick Type Period Cost
Student 1 year (Prolongable) € 0.00
Academic 5 years (Prolongable) € 0.00
Trial version 2 months € 0.00
Single user 5 years (Prolongable) € 500.00
Small groups (max 5 persons) Unlimited € 900.00
Larger teams (for applications) Unlimited € 2200.00
Images for representations Unlimited € 8.00 - € 50.00
We are open for any other collaboration

Requesting a username and password

In order to use our product you have to have a unique username and password combination. It will be walid only with declared e-mail adresses.

It is suggested to inform us if you have a dataset - product of another program, and would like to import it for visualisation.

Please make sure that the e-mail address you give us is correct, otherwise we have no way of contacting you.