About tapering lines

You can see the atoms in the actual x - y projection, and the bondlines are tapering (thinning) proportionally with the z coordinate - (depending on the distance from your eyes).

This application is specially useful to study and show structures containing more rings, or surrounding of chiral centers - compare enantiomers –  without any rotation, without any special glass, without any weakening tone. 

You don't lose the 3D aspect even in representations using static form.


The first version of the program using Tapering lines method was developed by M. Farkas in 1980 on Apple II home computer and using GWbasic programing language. Time to time it was refreshed for other computers and other computer languages up to 1991.

All of these classic versions did work on classic monitors (Black&White or CGA) without using windows and mouse. This new version uses the new possibilities what the developments of computer technics made possible.

If you have a dataset made in other system, you can import either *.SDF, *.MAE,MOL or *.MOL2 files, or send us a sample and we build in among the import possibility,

We hope you'll be successful and enjoy using this program,

the Tomtec company team